Consulting Services

Since its creation in 1991, Multilines has been offering variety of consulting services to those who are between European and Asian (particularly Japanese) business arena.

TO JAPANESE COMPANIES AND INSTITUTIONS who want to understand the western markets, start trade or search partners for corporations, following services can be provided;

  • Plan and execute various types of market studies or marketing researches within Europe, the north America and Oceania,
  • Search merchandises, technologies, and their suppliers of trade potential,
  • Seek partners for potential corporations,
  • Take in charge of communications (including interpretation and translation) and negotiations,
  • Help organise study visits and trips,
  • Help develop business / marketing plans…

Some clients and works provided are listed below;


Since 1993 Multilines has been working for Konishi Brewing Co., the largest importer of Belgian beers in Japan. Konishi together with Multilines today accounts for more than 50% of trade of Beer from Belgium to Japan. Multilines' services include;

  • Negotiate and facilitate commercial communications with Belgian breweries (Interbrew, Duvel-Moortgat, Palm, etc.), BB (The Belgian Brewers) as well as with CBMC (The Brewers of Europe), represent KONISHI in its legal disputes, etc.,
  • Facilitate order placements, manage logistic coordination for export, help breweries prepare export documents, help develop Japanese language labels and publicity tools, etc.
  • Constantly search new items to import and report Belgian beer market trends in domestic as well as other export markets
  • Organise market study visits related to the beer market.
  • Recruit of Belgian young employees to work for Konishi in Japan,
  • Helped Konishi negotiate with SBM and realize pub-breweries in Japan under SBM license.


For Japanese textile trader FUJI Alpha, Multilines provides services such as;

  • Make research on textiles using unique material Tactel patented by Dupont, and negotiate with suppliers for trade,
  • Facilitate order placements, and manage logistic coordination for export.


  • Study on savoury snack markets in 5 European countries
  • Study on baby food markets in 9 European countries
  • Study on French Speciality Food market
  • Search on environmentally friendly detergent producers, consultation for negotiation and trade


  • Study on organic packaged foods and organic baby foods in 9 European countries (Itochu Co.)
  • Research on organic accreditation situation in Europe, search for German partners to jointly start accreditation services in Japan·
  • Study on the major purchasers of Non-GMO Soya in Europe (Itochu Co.)
  • Search of environmentally friendly detergent products to import to Japan
  • Search of windmills and watermills to generate electricity to import to Japan
  • Study visit by Japanese COOP of recycling of solid and liquid waste in Europe
  • Study visit by Japan's refrigerator manufacturers' association to EU and ICI for development of CFC replacement


  • Research on fraud use of mobile phones in 6 European countries for NTT Docomo
  • Research on image compression technologies in Europe


  • Study on female farmers' social status and social welfare situation in 7 western countries (Japan's Ministry of Agriculture)
  • Study on Milk categories and labelling regulations in 8 European countries (Milk Promotion Agency, subsidiary of Japan's Ministry of Agriculture)
  • Research on environmental auditing system in Europe


TO EUROPEAN CLIENTS who want to investigate their potential in Japan, adapt their products and technologies to local requirements, seek partners for corporations, we have abundant experiences in the following activities;

  • Plan and execute market studies or marketing researches in Japan,
  • Help develop strategies for entry to Japan,
  • Seek partners for potential corporations,
  • Facilitate communications with Japanese counterparts by informing specificity of Japanese business habits and culture,
  • Help adapt products and technologies to the local market requirements…

Some clients and works provided are listed below;


  • Search of importer for a Belgian wave-making machine (WOW S.A.)
  • Partner search for CAD software developer for architects (Star Informatics S.A.)
  • Partner search for Geo-management software developer (Da Vinci S.A.)
  • Partner search for production management (CIMTECH S.A. affiliated to ASPENTECH Inc., USA)
  • Negotiation with potential financial partners for a Belgian machine tool manufacturer


  • Communication support between UCB Pharma and its Japanese partners


  • Partner search for a Belgian restaurant franchise business (Chez Leon)