How is the Foundation organised?

The Nello & Patrasche Foundation is a non-profit association ("asbl" is the abbreviation used in Belgium), located at Avenue de la Galaxie 2, 1410 Waterloo, Belgium.
The founding members are:

Pascal Willain Member of Board of Directors and President Engineer, Multilines S.A
Michiko Kurita Member of Board of Directors and Vice-President Marketing consultant, Multilines S.A.
Dirk De Haene Member of Board of Directors and Vice-President Designer, President of Oskar-D b.v.b.a.
Pol-Marie Boldo Member of Fund Allocation Board

Medical doctor,

Founder of Emmanuel a.s.b.l

Christiane Boldo Member of Fund Allocation Board Founder of Emmanuel a.s.b.l.

The Foundation has two separate and independent boards, both elected by a general assembly of all members of the Foundation.

The Board of Directors is responsible for the everyday management of the Foundation. Its main tasks are to organise fund-raising activities, check that all legal and fiscal requirements have been met and verify that the funds have been allocated to projects that are acceptable to the Foundation. The Fund Allocation Board proposes funding projects to the Board of Directors for approval.

The Foundation uses free of charge resources of Multilines S.A. Furthermore, as all labour and expertise are contributed on a voluntary basis, the Foundation incurs no costs except those directly related to the collection of funds (postage, printing, etc.). All the funds collected are distributed

Phone: 32-(0)4/360 80 59
Fax: 32-(0)4/360 88 69  e-mail:

Address: Ave Nusbaum 23, Louveigné, Belgique
Bank Account number for your kind donations Fortis Bank: 248-0133680-44