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Finally you can pay and donate with your credit card via Paypal site!  What you need is just our mail address:

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Nello & Patrasche Charity Goods available in Antwerp

In 2007, young entrepreneur based in Antwerp signed a license agreement with us, developped Nello and Patrasche T-shirts and started selling them at their original shop Belgian Heritage very close to the Cathedral of Antwerp, Belgium.  They are planning to make caps and trainings soon. By summer 2008, the new shop will also be opend just in front of the Cathedral.  They are also selling our original items as cards and charity watches.


Belgian Heritage

Oude Koornmarkt 30

2000 Antwerpen
T: 0032 (0)3 233 01 69

Tuesdau to Simday 11:00 - 19:00


A long awaited multi-function facility Cité Notre-Dame de la Vie

realised and started functioning !

A larger multi-function facility 'Cité Notre-Dame de la Vie' realised finally toward the end of 2005 close to Banneux-Notre-Dame, housing administrative headquarter of Emmanuel, Foyer Ste Thérèse and Foyer Marthe et Marie (home and atelier for young adults with mental handicap) together.

Many of the handicapped children adopted at early days of Emmanuel have grown to young adult age, and are now to start independent lives on their own.

Foyer Ste. Thérèse created in Nov. 98 as a small institution to take care of bed-ridden severely handicapped children, whose adoptive families have tremendous difficulties in daily care, needed more staff and resources.  Another aspect of problem was the fact that it was registered as 'child facility'. According to social security laws, at the age of 18, kids have to move to 'adult' facility.

In order to provide smooth and continuous care, and to best utilize Emmanuel's know-how and experience, a project to build a center to house facilities for both children and adults as well as Emmanuel's administrative headquarter was conceived. Thanks to generous donations from many people, including senior citizens who have no heirs, the project to build Cité Notre-Dame de la Vie realized in the end of 2005 and started to function from the beginning of 2006!

For those of you interested in this new adventure;

Ave Nusbaum 23

4141 Louveigné

Tel:+32(0)4 360 88 54

Fax:+32(0)4 360 88 69

Bank account for donations:248-0133680-44

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