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What We Do with The Money We Raise

There is no shortage of needs for the charitable funds collected, and we would welcome ideas on where the money can be best put to use. For the moment, Mr & Mrs Boldo, who are founding members of the Nello & Patrasche Foundation, are providing us with proposals. Mr. and Mrs.Boldo made Emmanuel in Belgium and have adopted ten handicapped children themselves in addition to their own eight.

The Nello & Patrasche Foundation has been financially supporting the following organizations and project.

1.Emmanuel asbl
Adoption agency specialized in assistance to handicapped and sick children. Emmanuel locates and screens families who desire to adopt these special children. It also processes adoptions and provides a follow up support network. Emmanuel a.s.b.l. is based in Belgium close to Banneux-Notre-Dame (catholic pilgrim site in Ardennes). Mr. and Mrs. Boldo, who have personally adopted 10 children, founded this agency. They have processed over 400 special adoptions since 1983. Today it is run by Christian and Myriam Levaux.

Ave Nusbaum 23

4141 Louveigné

Tel:+32(0)4 360 80 59



Bank account for donations:248-0133680-44

2.Foyer Sainte Thérèse
As a facility affiliated to Emmanuel, Foyer Ste Thérèse was created in Nov. 98 as a small institution to take care of bed-ridden severely handicapped children whose adoptive families have tremendous difficulties in daily care. It was housed in an old building where Catholic sisters used to live, with several modifications in its bathroom, lift for wheelchairs, etc. Two dedicated ladies lived in, and professional caretakers and volunteers have been organized to run the facility. However, after 6th year of operation, it reached to a major transformation.

In order to provide smooth and continuous care, and to best utilize Emmanuel's know-how and experience, a project to build a center to house facilities for children and adults as well as Emmanuel's administrative office was conceived. Thanks to generous donations from many people, including senior citizens who have no heirs, the project to build the synthesized facility Cité Notre-Dame de la Vie was realized in the end of 2005. The Foyer Ste Thérèse moved into this new building and re-started with new caretakers.

3.Cité Notre-Dame de la Vie

A larger multi-function facility Cité Notre-Dame de la Vie realised finally toward the end of 2005 in Banneux-Notre-Dame, housing administrative headquarter of Emmanuel, Foyer Ste Thérèse and Foyer Marthe et Marie (home and atelier for young adults with mental handicap) together. Many of the handicapped children adopted at early days of Emmanuel's activity have grown to young adult age and are now to start independent lives on their own. Cité Notre-Dame de la Vie tries to offer synergy of knowhow and resourses as well as continuity of care by combining different institions.

Ave Nusbaum 23

4141 Louveigné

Tel:+32(0)4 360 88 54

Fax:+32(0)4 360 88 69


4.Enfants d'un même Père asbl
A center for short-term stays for handicapped children run by the Françoise family: Guy, Joëlle and their six children (four of which are impaired). Inspired by their third son, Kevin, born handicapped, Guy and Joëlle adopted three girls with special needs through Emmanuel. In 1995 they began a short-stay service for other handicapped children.

In summer 2004, a long dream of constructing a large building to comfortably house up to 16 handicapped children materialized. Volunteers and family members run the center.

Petit Seny 19

4557 Seny

Tel:+32(0)85 51 22 59

Bank account for donations:792-5868780-41

5. Ecole St. Raphaël
A small secondary school for moderately mentally handicapped adolescences (with mainly Down Syndrome). Brigitte Parmentier and friends of Emmanuel created the school in 1999. It is one of the very few secondary schools where targeted intellectual, vocational and psychological preparation is done to those adolescence to help their independent life after secondary education.

Ave. du Sacré-Coeur, 6, 1090 Bruxelles
Tel : +32(0)2 479 39 49
Fax :+32(0)2 478 36 76
Bank account for donations: 068-2279880-19

6. Sisters Gertrude
Sisters Gertrude is a project destined to help handicapped abandoned kids in Shabat, Congo.